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Welcome to El Parque de los Azulejos

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Not long ago…

Lazaro Cardenas Park wasn’t a place a person would just hang out in for too long. In the center of Old Town, the location means it’s always been a part of the action, but that has never made it the most friendly or inviting hangout. Until a few years ago it was dark, dirty, and gray. It involved a lot of sharp edges, and some sharp characters too.


But in Natasha Moraga’s most ambitious installation yet…

…the park is finally receiving the major overhaul it so dearly deserves. And it’s all being done, tile by tile, thanks to generous participation from our friends near and far. Folks just like you!

As it transforms before our very eyes into the sparkling, colorful and inviting Tile Park, it is enjoying a new lease on life as the darling of Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant public art community! The park is federally protected too, so it can never be demolished in favor of development. This is especially wonderful news for those who have sponsored Celebration Benches and Tiles… your special place will remain intact always!

When it’s all completed it will be a years-long endeavor for the Parque team, with assistance from workshop participants throughout each high season.


One of Mexico’s most exciting public art installations


There is a story…

behind every little thing here at the Tile Park. Yin and yang, light and dark, there is order and symmetry everywhere in what seems like chaos. There are secrets, messages and signs hidden all over the place. Want to learn more about the sacred geometry, and the story of how the Park continues to evolve? Click here.

Want to be a part of history? There are numerous ways you can get involved with the Tile Park Check out our shop where you can purchase some cool and useful Tile Park memorabilia, or just leave a tip in our virtual tip jar. Every penny counts!

Perhaps your connection to Vallarta runs a little deeper. Would you like a personalized tile, or even a whole bench in the park to call your own, to honor a loved one or a special occasion?

Does it make more sense to put your own energy into the project? As the project matures, it’s easy to see all the special touches; different hands have created the different parts, and it is beautiful to watch it unfold. What about a 3-day workshop, where you can create your own beautiful legacy?

Though it is a publicly funded project, and that makes your donations very important, your presence is so important too. Just knowing you like and support the project is such wonderful motivation, so please reach out however you can!


ARe you ready to be a part of this project?

Join our Workshop