Our Venerable Vortexes

If you’ve been anywhere near a spiritual person, group of people, or the US West coast for that fact, you may have heard the term “sacred geometry” at one point or another. What is that, exactly? The short, short, short answer is “math that occurs in nature”. 

The Fibonacci sequence is one that a lot of people would be somewhat familiar with: it’s the perfectly mathematical, yet totally natural, occurrence of that lovely arch of a nautilus shell. The tightly wound tendrils of a fern before they unfurl. Where a sequence of numbers is plotted, and upon connecting the dots, the picture that forms is a mirror of something in nature, that’s sacred geometry. 

In the same way that math is considered a universal language, so too is sacred geometry. It’s really esoteric on some levels, and the most simple and perfect thing on others. It means a place for everything, and everything in its place. The natural order.

parque blog fibonacci.jpg

Sacred geometry is thought of by many as a natural law of sorts, uniting all forms of life. Microbes, animals, plants, and humans are a part of this universal language. The movement of the planets, and the stars. The constellations too, are subject to the same natural law. This underlying blueprint, linking it all together. Natural order, to that which appears random, out of control.

Sacred geometry is everywhere in the Tile Park, too. What seems chaotic at first glance, is most likely very specific. What appears to be just a random shape or color choice, may not be at all.

Take for instance the vortexes. There are two in the park, and they are completely different in design. They are each placed on opposing corners of the park, because they have opposing meanings. 

The Spiral Vortex

That amazing black and white spiral vortex in the northwest corner of the park has a lot of significance about it. It invites the idea of revolution, big change, inner seeking, evolving. Comprised of 11 white and 11 black circles, this vortex offers significance on a numerology level too. The number 22 is known as a master number, making it more powerful. It is associated with being on-purpose in life and with bringing dreams into reality. Spiral vortexes themselves are meant to draw you inward… concerned with your own evolution, your own inner seeking. You can see this one from several blocks away, and it draws you in. It’s a well-known landmark in the park, and that’s no accident. The Spiral vortex is magnetic, inviting a closer look into your own heart’s longing.

parque vortex black and white2.jpg

The Torus Vortex

As opposed to concentric circles, the lines of the Torus vortex are completely different and thus carry a totally different energy with them. In the southwest corner of the park is where you’ll find this beauty, with lines that loop back onto themselves over and over. The colorful, geometric design of the Torus vortex has a quality of continually refreshing itself, cleansing. Starting over, healing. This vortex offers regeneration, rejuvenation and brightness… which is cool because it looks like a flower, which happens to do all those things too. There’s that universal blueprint again. Where the Spiral invites introspection and perhaps even a dark turn into profound personal exploration, the Torus wants you to let the light in. After the hard work is done, it’s time for play, growth, and a bounce in your step. The Torus vortex embodies brightness, and all that is easy in life.

parque vortex color2.jpg
parque vortex mum.jpg

There’s a lot more to dive into where the sacred geometry of the Tile Park is concerned. In the coming seasons, the other two quadrants of the park will be completed, so there will be even more sacred surprises for you.

The hope is that when you visit the park, it’s an all-encompassing experience for you. That the place feels good - you feel the energy and the love behind it - even if you can’t describe it exactly. 

It’s about community and a sacred space for us all to be, with that underlying blueprint supporting us all, like a great big cosmic net. Everything accounted for, everything addressed. Natural order, right in the heart of Old Town.

Emily Murray