Meet Catrina

By: Katreena Harrison

Creating art, and being part of one of the most important art projects in PV history, was thrilling.

Working and collaborating with Nat Moraga, Master Mosaic Artist, was an incredible enriching artistic experience.

As an Artist, Reiki Master without Borders, Business Consultant, and World Traveler, I wanted to create a theme on Healing, Empowerment and Love.

Being Katreena myself, I wanted to create The Mexican Catrina, a powerful symbol of Mexico’s culture during the very celebrated Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

As a Reiki Master, I have used the Reiki symbol of empowerment and healing for many people and situations; all over the world.

So for this Special Mosaic Art Project, La Catrina is holding the Reiki symbol of empowerment. She was created to symbolize empowerment and healing for women in PV, Mexico and the world. She also has a huge heart because no matter what the problem is, LOVE is the answer. The only thing that matters is LOVE; everything else is an illusion.

Emily Murray