Functional Fun: Three-Day Mosaic Workshops Teach Skills & Inspire

September is upon us, and that means the snowbirds will soon begin their annual winter migration. Work will be picking up again at the Tile Park, too. As summer’s humidity begins to loosen its grip, giving way to those warm and mild days we love so much, we’ll be back at it full force. This also means the 2019-2020 workshop season will be ramping up, so if you’ve been thinking you’d like to join one, reach out to us ASAP! 

If you want some new things to do in Puerto Vallarta this winter, workshops at the Tile Park are a wonderful option. They are three days long and take you through the entire mosaic process end to end. The first day is spent planning and plotting the design, and getting started on the tiling. Day two is all tiles, all the time: cutting, shaping, and sticking them, bringing your design to life right before your eyes. On day three, the grouting gets done, cementing all your hard work right into Vallarta’s history books. A great way to express your creativity, and learn a new skill too! Your backyard picnic table is no longer safe. Nothing in your home is, really.

Just completed an amazing tile workshop with the artist in residence. Such an incredible and rewarding experience helping to bring an infusion of color into the Park..png

Nat learned the art of mosaic from renowned outsider artist Isaiah Zagar, and has spent the last several years refining her own technique and style as an artist. She loves to “talk shop” where all things art are concerned, not just mosaic. She never stops learning about other artists, new materials and methods, and the world around us too. So, workshops offer the unadvertised special of inspiration from Nat and your fellow workshop participants. You spend three days in this space with fellow creators, talking about art, making art, and you really do come away inspired. 

It’s a great way to get involved in one of the most exciting public art projects in Mexico, and not just for all the good feels and camaraderie either. The park is now classified as federally protected land, meaning it can’t be demolished in favor of development. So the work you do will remain forever! Been coming to Vallarta for 20 years? Fantastic... it’ll be there for every one of your next 20... and beyond. The project is nearing the halfway point, and the transformation is truly astounding. There is nothing like it anywhere else, and if this is what it looks like half-done, the finished product is going to be out of this world! Check out some of our past workshops:

parque alltiled.jpg

For the upcoming season, the workshops will be structured a little differently. The schedule has yet to be finalized and posted online, but you can still reserve your spot! Just drop us a line here to nail down some dates and secure your reservation. The summer break is nice, but we’re looking forward to seeing your smiling face around the park again, too. If you’re a migratory bird, be sure to swing through once your voyage is complete! We have lots to show you.

Emily Murray